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Lewes Delaware Fishing Report
Bill's Sport Shop


Date: 11/8/12




18388 Coastal Highway

Lewes, De. 19958




Most of us had very little damage during the hurricane and the Nor’easter. We were very lucky! The stripers are finally being weighed in but not in great numbers.

Our tournament is ongoing with many anglers and their guests showing up on Friday night to enjoy the great food and speculation on when they can get out to fish--and when Mother Nature is going to cooperate. A wife of one of our anglers stopped us in Church on Sunday and was so excited about the rod they won two weeks ago and reel they won last week. We have been giving out at least 28 door prizes every week

Start thinking of Christmas and the perfect gift for your fav angler. Believe me when I tell you how happy the fisherperson is when they can choose their own gift with the gift card they receive.

Fishing News

>> Received an email: “Hey Bill: Remember the guy, wearing a yellow jacket, who came out on Massey's today? I believe you said hello to him. Just as I was about to leave at 6:20 p.m., he pulled up a keeper tog, at 15 1/4”. He was ecstatic and threw his arms up in the air, saying "it took me 2 years to catch you".

>> Jerry Tomczyk let us know that he managed to pull up 14 tog (from 2 - 6:30 p.m ) with about 4 of them in the 11” range.>>A citation tautog weighed in at 8.90#, 24” length caught by tournament fisherman Mark Couchman in the DE Bay.

>> Before the Nor’easter, we received this email: “I fished Massey's Landing yesterday in the cleanest water I have seen all year. Caught several tog, no keepers. However, Terry did catch a keeper at 15.25”. A bunch of other guys were there also, and a lot of fish were caught, but only saw the one keeper“.

>> Evan Falgowski, Lewes, caught the first striper of the Tournament at 34.15# , 45.5”. On another trip, he weighed in a 29.45#, 40” striper for the tournament.

>> Randy, a regular at BSS, was surf fishing at Gordons Pond and caught 6 schoolie stripers and 4 puppy drum on clams.

>> “I fished at Massey's again yesterday, many short tog were caught, along with a 17" keeper! (not by me, unfortunately) All were caught on sand fleas“.

>> We are still getting live green crabs with more on the way today. Green cabs will be a rare commodity in the near future. They are a by-catch of the Lobster Men in New England Area.

>> Bucktail Bob, Millsboro, caught a striper weighing 15.20# and 33” long on a bucktail at IRI.

>> Ryan Falgowski, Lewes, weighed in a Tournament striper at 23.45#, 41”.

>> Denny Coffman caught a 16.5” puppy drum on frozen fleas at Masseys on high tide...he also caught an 18" striper and several tog.

>> Sue Foster, Oyster Bay Tackle, sent us news of OC: “Water Temp: 60.1- Well, we survived Hurricane Sandy, but we lost over half the Ocean Pier. 9th Street Pier is intact. The pier at Northside Park is intact. Oceanic Pier looks fine. The bulkhead between 2nd and 4th Streets were damaged and have been closed until it is repaired. The whole railing was washed away and the boardwalk was buckled. The surf looks good, though you have to wade a long way out at low tide to get to the deep water. We had fish in the surf this weekend, so all is happy! Blues, puppy drum, and short stripers, sharks and skates were reported. Tautog were biting from the

Bridge and Inlet.


>> Flounder closes 10-24-12 through 12-31-12

>> Oct. 19 - Dec - 7 - Bill’s Sport Shop Striper Tournament

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